Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're home!

We are back from wonderful Eden. We miss it already!
Dave had a wonderful Fathers Day but missed his children. He went outside lathered in natural insect repellant for 15 minutes. His first time outside all week. The water was the prettiest color! It is prettier some days than others, depending on the winds and currents.

We left on Monday but didn't get home til today(Tuesday). Almost all of the staff came out to see us off. I wish I had had my camera ready.It was a beautiful send off. Dave's nurse, Kenny, came along in the van for the ride to the airport. He took good care of David on the ride there. He even gave him a massage! Boy did he get spoiled at Eden.

We got stuck on the plane for 2 extra hours because the airport in Miami was closed due to storms. Then we got stuck in Baggage Claim and couldn't leave til we cleared customs. The ramp was closed for an additional 2 hours. We missed our flight to Norfolk and had to stay overnight. Luckily we had been upgraded to first class and had eaten at 2 (Belize time) because we didn't eat again til midnight. Dave fell asleep and didn't eat. He was exhausted.

We are hoping for good results from this booster. Dave's vision improved, blood work improved and breathing improved- all in the short time we were there.

Love to all and thank you for your prayers and support. Pray that the Lord will lift Dave's spirits and guide those stem cells to do his will, which is always to heal his children.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are a few pics I took.....there are more if you want to see them!

Day 5 of Trip 2

I already tried to post to this thing once this morning however the internet went out and I lost everything. Cindy won't leave me alone about posting again so this one will be short and sweet.

Last night Joe and I had dinner and some drinks with Bill and Noke which was very nice.

Dad received his last transplant yesterday which I recorded. Not sure if I can post videos on here and don't have time to figure it out since my van will be here in a few min. to pick me up to go back to the airport. I am not looking forward to coming home, sorry guys! I just don't want to leave Dad.

Got to go....see you soon

Tami, Joe, Cindy and Dad

Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 4 Evening

Dave received his second booster today. Joe was incorrect in the amount of cells he was receiving. He received a bit more than the usual stem cells in each booster but not more than he had all together on his first trip. Each patient is treated on an individual basis here. I will hate to leave because Dave receives such wondeful care here. Tami will be coming home tomorrow. We will be leaving on Monday. All is well and Dave is in good spirits. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Cindy

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 3 Evening

The van came to pick me up at 6 A.M. when they picked up the breakfast kitchen crew.I visited Dave until 10 A.M. and then went back in the van when they did their 10 A.M. run to pick up family members. Joe went to be with Dave and Tami and I were dropped off at the local airport.

Tami and I flew to Ambergris Caye to the village of San Pedro. It was a 20 minute flight on a very small plane. Tami sat in the co-pilot's seat both on the way there and on the return flight! I don't know how she managed that but she was personally asked both times by 2 different pilots if she would like to sit there. The plane ride was spectacular, it flew low over beautiful water and islands.
We had a great time looking for the perfect beach. The preferred mode of transportation on that island is golf carts and we had a blast cruising around the island on our golf cart. We drove thruough pot holed narrowed streets to the remote north end of the island and were even chased by wild dogs. We will definitely post some pictures.

While we were gone, David had an infusion of stem cells intraveniously. He had both neuronal and immunilogical cells. All went well and we are expecting this booster will be just what he needs. He had a good day and has enjoyed reading all your wonderful comments. He will be having another booster tomorrow about 1:00 EST.

Good Night All, Thanks for all your prayers. We will post again tomorrow. Cindy

Back from our excursion

So Dad had his transplant today and Joe said he received more stems cells this go round than his entire trip last time. Also, it was a different blend of stem cells. The doctors think these will be more effective. He will be receiving another transplant tomorrow I believe but will not be bone marrow.

Cindy said this morning one of the nurses seemed to think Dad may be staying until Wednesday but still no confirmation. Dad really does not want to be here anymore, cabin fever has set in but much more quickly this time. I guess it doesn't matter how good looking the nurses are, he wants out.

I did not go see him today since Cindy and I went on an excursion to Ambergrise Caye. We found a beautiful vacationing spot that we want Dad to see. Once he is all healed, we will take him to Belize but not to see Eden, to vacation!!! However, we may just have to stop by and say hi.

Cindy and I took a plane over there from Corozal to San Pedro and I sat in the co-pilots chair both there and back. I have awesome pics and video of our adventure. To sum it up we rented a golf cart drove about 40 min. to the end of the world swam in the pool, had a drink, drove back (through major potholes and lakes), about 5-6 vicious hungry dogs chased us but we were able to lose them in our high powered golf cart :) and made it back in time for our 5 o'clock flight to Corozal.

Cindy is at the clinic now, Joe is watching basketball in the room drinking a beer and I am at the hotel restaurant drinking a beer :) writing ya'll! Probably need to be doing homework but this is more important.

To answer Bean's book of questions :) there aren't any patients here from last time. All are new except Dad's roommate, he is here for a booster as well. He seems to be doing very well and its very hard to see any signs of ALS which is awesome.
Cindy is eating all the conche seviche on the island all alone. I tried it and don't like it...sorry!

Ok the bartender is starting to get nosey so I'm going to go now.

Talk to you soon!
Love ya
Tami, Joe, Cindy, and Dad!!!!

Day 3 9:30 A.M. Belize time

Hi all. Dave and I want to thank you for all your support and prayers. We feel your love. Dave's first transplant will be around 1 today EST.

This is a prayer that my sister in law Lori sent to us. I hope we can surround Dave in prayer today. Thank you. Blessings, Cindy